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'SICAL SATTVA' Inland Container Depot is servicing all the trade and industry in the western sector of chennai and the hinderland of Tamilnadu, Andhrapardesh and Karnataka states. The exporters are benefiting in a big way from these facilities developed at their doorsteps. In case of Import, the containers from the gateway ports can be brought directly to the Inland Container Depot and the processing of the bill of entry, customs examination and payment of duty can be done in Arakkonam itself thus saving a lot of time and expenses to the importers. The Importers will have an additional advantage of keeping the goods under the Public Bonded warehouse thus saving additional handling, transportation and creation of bonded storage area. This will also help the Importers to clear the cargo in piecemeal to reduce the financial strain on transport and time.

The area has been notified by Notification No. 06/2004 and Public Notice No. 07/2004 issued by The Commissioner of Customs, Trichy, with effect from 18th February, 2004. SATTVA INLAND CONTAINER DEPOT, Melpakkam, Arakkonam is also notified by the Assistant Commissioner of Customs, Cuddalore for storing of Bonded cargo before payment of duty.

SATTVA INLAND CONTAINER DEPOT, Melpakkam, Arakkonam is also declared vide Notification No. 1/2004 Customs (NT) dated 2 January, 2004, issued by Department of Revenue, Ministry of Finance, Government of India, under Section 7, as a Customs Station (ICD) for the unloading of imported goods and the loading of export goods.

The facility is notified by Indian Railways as “Container Rail Terminal” (CRT) and Pan India trains are operated by various cargo train operators from Melpakkam to several destinations in India.

The company is also awarded permission to operate train services from Bharathi Dock Rail Yard to operate regular cargo container rail service to and from Melpakkam to cater to the EXIM trade.

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