Mr. S.Santhanam, MD, a doyen in the field of transportation and logistics with over five decades of experience, functions as the Chairman of the Group. Well-known and respected in the industrial circles, he has travelled extensively abroad, representing Indian organizations to interact with shipping fraternities, importers & exporters.

Positions Held
  • President of Trailer Owners Association Madras
  • Vice President of the Madras Port Stevedores Association
  • Chairman of the Customs Sub Committee
  • President of Tamil Chamber of Commerce
  • Chairman of the Consultative Committee of City Chamber of Commerce

The success of Sattva Business Group is in essence a reflection of the drive and diligence that was invested by the Chairman of the Group. With his own acumen, fueled by the ambition of heralding a new chapter in the service oriented industry, he engraved the principle that we follow, as a company: Quality of service can never be compromised.